Share and Money Management  0.16
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oNconfigThe configuration module handles configuration entries stored in a file
|oNdialogsImplementation of the logic behind the dialogs
|oNhelperFunctions to support GUI functions e.g
|oNlogThis module provides a own logger class as well as specific funtions to improve Pythons logging facility
|oNmako_filtersAdditional filters for Mako templete engine
|oNpanelThe panel classes presents various information to the user
|oNreportsCreate detailed reports about of positions or according to the calendar
|oCSMMGuiApplication main class
|\CMainWindowMain window of our application
|oNdatabaseFunctions to create, open and close the database as well as the db schema and the initial data set
|oNdb_setupDatabase schema and the initial data set as well as functions to setup a fresh database using the schema and initial data set
|oNmathMathematical functions
|oNobjectsAll data classes using STORM
|\NquoteFunctions to import and register data tracker modules