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gui.controls.PositionChoice Class Reference

Choice widget to select a position. More...

Inheritance diagram for gui.controls.PositionChoice:

Public Member Functions

def __init__
- Public Member Functions inherited from gui.controls.BaseChoice
def addEmptyChoice
 Add an empty choice to the widget.
def GetSelection
 Returns the selected object or None.
def SetSelection
 Select an other object.
def SelectFirst
 Select the first (non-empty) element.
def Select
 Selecting a element specified by the given object.

Static Public Attributes

 open_pos = None
 Flag to list open, closed or all positions.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gui.controls.BaseChoice
 addEmpty = False
 Add an empty entry to the widget during initialisation.

Private Member Functions

def _formatElement
 Function to format a single object.
def _getElements
 Function to query all objects of unique type.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from gui.controls.BaseChoice
 Dictionary to lookup relations between position and object.

Detailed Description

Choice widget to select a position.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def gui.controls.PositionChoice.__init__ (   self,


Keyword arguments:
  • open_pos Flag to list open, closed or all positions
See Also

Reimplemented from gui.controls.BaseChoice.

References gui.controls.PositionChoice.open_pos.

Member Function Documentation

def gui.controls.PositionChoice._formatElement (   self,

Function to format a single object.

def gui.controls.PositionChoice._getElements (   self)

Function to query all objects of unique type.

See Also

References gui.controls.PositionChoice.open_pos.

Member Data Documentation

gui.controls.PositionChoice.open_pos = None

Flag to list open, closed or all positions.

Referenced by gui.controls.PositionChoice.__init__(), and gui.controls.PositionChoice._getElements().

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