Share and Money Management  0.16
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class  MainWindow
 Main window of our application. More...
class  SMMGui
 Application main class. More...


 py_version_installed = _(u'Es wird Python Version %s verwendet')
 Message about installed Python versions. More...
 wx_version_err = \
 Too old wxPython error message. More...
 wx_notinstalled_err = _(u'wxPython ist nicht installiert.')
 wxPython isn't installed error message More...
 wx_version_installed = _(u'Es wird wxPython Version %s verwendet')
 Message about installed wxPython versions. More...
string wx_min_version = '3.0'
 Minimum wxPython version. More...
 wx_cur_version = wx.version()

Variable Documentation

◆ py_version_installed

gui.py_version_installed = _(u'Es wird Python Version %s verwendet')

Message about installed Python versions.

◆ wx_cur_version

gui.wx_cur_version = wx.version()

◆ wx_min_version

string gui.wx_min_version = '3.0'

Minimum wxPython version.

◆ wx_notinstalled_err

gui.wx_notinstalled_err = _(u'wxPython ist nicht installiert.')

wxPython isn't installed error message

◆ wx_version_err

gui.wx_version_err = \

Too old wxPython error message.

◆ wx_version_installed

gui.wx_version_installed = _(u'Es wird wxPython Version %s verwendet')

Message about installed wxPython versions.