Share and Money Management  0.16
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gui Namespace Reference


 The configuration module handles configuration entries stored in a file.
 Implementation of the logic behind the dialogs.
 Functions to support GUI functions e.g.
 This module provides a own logger class as well as specific functions to improve Pythons logging facility.
 Additional filters for Mako templete engine.
 The panel classes presents various information to the user.
 Create detailed reports about of positions or according to the calendar.


class  MainWindow
 Main window of our application. More...
class  SMMGui
 Application main class. More...


 py_version_installed = _(u'Es wird Python Version %s verwendet')
 Message about installed Python versions. More...
 wx_version_err = \
 Too old wxPython error message. More...
 wx_notinstalled_err = _(u'wxPython ist nicht installiert.')
 wxPython isn't installed error message More...
 wx_version_installed = _(u'Es wird wxPython Version %s verwendet')
 Message about installed wxPython versions. More...
string wx_min_version = '2.8'
 Minimum wxPython version. More...
 wx_cur_version = wx.version()

Variable Documentation

◆ py_version_installed

gui.py_version_installed = _(u'Es wird Python Version %s verwendet')

Message about installed Python versions.

◆ wx_cur_version

gui.wx_cur_version = wx.version()

◆ wx_min_version

string gui.wx_min_version = '2.8'

Minimum wxPython version.

◆ wx_notinstalled_err

gui.wx_notinstalled_err = _(u'wxPython ist nicht installiert.')

wxPython isn't installed error message

◆ wx_version_err

gui.wx_version_err = \

Too old wxPython error message.

◆ wx_version_installed

gui.wx_version_installed = _(u'Es wird wxPython Version %s verwendet')

Message about installed wxPython versions.