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gui.controls.ExchangeChoice Class Reference

Choice widget to select a exchange. More...

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Static Public Attributes

 addEmpty = True
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gui.controls.BaseChoice
 addEmpty = False
 Add an empty entry to the widget during initialisation.

Private Member Functions

def _formatElement
 Function to format a single object.
def _getElements
 Function to query all objects of unique type.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from gui.controls.BaseChoice
def __init__
def addEmptyChoice
 Add an empty choice to the widget.
def GetSelection
 Returns the selected object or None.
def SetSelection
 Select an other object.
def SelectFirst
 Select the first (non-empty) element.
def Select
 Selecting a element specified by the given object.
- Public Attributes inherited from gui.controls.BaseChoice
 Dictionary to lookup relations between position and object.

Detailed Description

Choice widget to select a exchange.

Member Function Documentation

def gui.controls.ExchangeChoice._formatElement (   self,

Function to format a single object.

def gui.controls.ExchangeChoice._getElements (   self)

Function to query all objects of unique type.

Member Data Documentation

gui.controls.ExchangeChoice.addEmpty = True

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