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gui.dialogs.DlgHtml Class Reference

Generic dialog to show HTML and some buttons to print and save. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, parent)
 Initialise dialog. More...
def save2file (self, filename)
 Store page_content in a file. More...
def setHtml (self, html)
 Set the html source and display it. More...
def OnClose (self, event)
 Close only the modal dialog. More...
def OnPrintPreview (self, event)
def OnPrint (self, event)
def OnSave (self, event)
 Save the content of the HTML widget. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gui.UIHtml.UIHtml
def __init__ (self, *args, **kwds)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from gui.UIHtml.UIHtml

Static Public Attributes

 wildcard = _(u'HTML-Dokument (*.html)|*.html')
 Wildcards for selecting HTML files. More...

Detailed Description

Generic dialog to show HTML and some buttons to print and save.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.__init__ (   self,

Initialise dialog.

selfThe object pointer
parentThe parent object

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnClose()

def gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.OnClose (   self,

Close only the modal dialog.

Reimplemented from gui.UIHtml.UIHtml.

◆ OnPrint()

def gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.OnPrint (   self,

◆ OnPrintPreview()

def gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.OnPrintPreview (   self,

◆ OnSave()

def gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.OnSave (   self,

Save the content of the HTML widget.

Reimplemented from gui.UIHtml.UIHtml.

References gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.default_filename, gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.save2file(), and gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.wildcard.

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◆ save2file()

def gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.save2file (   self,

Store page_content in a file.

References gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.page_content.

Referenced by gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.OnSave().

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◆ setHtml()

def gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.setHtml (   self,

Set the html source and display it.

Use this function to store a copy of the page source for later processing e.g. saving.

References gui.UIHtml.UIHtml.hw_report, and gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.page_content.

Member Data Documentation

◆ default_filename


Default name for storing content in a file

Referenced by gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.OnSave().

◆ page_content


◆ printing


Reference to the easy printing instance

Referenced by gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.OnPrint(), and gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.OnPrintPreview().

◆ wildcard

gui.dialogs.DlgHtml.wildcard = _(u'HTML-Dokument (*.html)|*.html')

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