Share and Money Management  0.16
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All dialogs. More...


class  gui.dialogs.DlgFetchQuotes
 Dialog to fetch quotes. More...
class  gui.dialogs.DlgTrade
 Dialog to insert and change transactions. More...
class  gui.dialogs.DlgShare
 Dialog to add and change shares. More...
class  gui.dialogs.DlgHtml
 Generic dialog to show HTML and some buttons to print and save. More...
class  gui.dialogs.DlgPortfolioReport
 Dialog to select start and end date for the portfolio report. More...
class  gui.dialogs.DlgPositionReport
 Dialog to select a position using different filter criteria. More...
class  gui.dialogs.DlgPreferences
 Dialog to change / set preferences. More...
class  gui.dialogs.DlgShowPositionReport
 Open a HTML dialog and show a position report. More...
class  gui.dialogs.DlgShowPortfolioReport
 Open a HTML dialog and show a portfolio report. More...


namespace  gui.dialogs
 Implementation of the logic behind the dialogs.


def gui.dialogs.showAboutDialog
 Show the about dialog.


tuple gui.dialogs.about_description
 Short main text of the about dialog.
tuple gui.dialogs.about_licence
 Licence text.

Detailed Description

All dialogs.