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gui.dialogs.DlgShare Class Reference

Dialog to add and change shares. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, parent, share=None)
 Initialise dialog. More...
def setFixedShareKind (self, kind)
 Set the specified share kind and disable changing the kind. More...
def __init__ (self, *args, **kwds)
 Initialise dialog. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gui.controls.BaseDialog
def __init__ (self, *args, **kwargs)
 Initialise dialog. More...
def installOwnOKEventHandler (self)
 Bind own event handler for pressing OK to allow a proper validation. More...
def OnOK (self, event)
 Own OK button handler to validate the dialog logically using validateDialog() More...
def ShowModal (self)
 Show the dialog modal and process dialogs input. More...

Static Public Attributes

 share = None
 Reference to a share. More...

Private Member Functions

def _setShare (self, share)
 Fill dialogs fields with share data. More...
def _validateInput (self)
 Validate dialog input in a logical way. More...
def _processInput (self)
 Update existing share or create a new one. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from gui.UIShare.UIShare

Detailed Description

Dialog to add and change shares.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def gui.dialogs.DlgShare.__init__ (   self,
  share = None 

Initialise dialog.

selfThe object pointer
parentThe parent object
shareA Share object

Reimplemented from gui.UIShare.UIShare.

References gui.dialogs.DlgShare._setShare(), gui.UIShare.UIShare.cc_Source, and gui.controls.BaseDialog.installOwnOKEventHandler().

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Member Function Documentation

◆ _processInput()

def gui.dialogs.DlgShare._processInput (   self)

◆ _setShare()

def gui.dialogs.DlgShare._setShare (   self,

◆ _validateInput()

def gui.dialogs.DlgShare._validateInput (   self)

Validate dialog input in a logical way.

Reimplemented from gui.controls.BaseDialog.

References gui.controls.BaseDialog._markWidget(), gui.controls.BaseDialog._unmarkWidget(), gui.controls.ShareDetailsPanel.cc_Kind, gui.UIShare.UIShare.cc_Kind, gui.dialogs.DlgTrade.share, gui.dialogs.DlgShare.share, smm.objects.DailyQuote.share, smm.objects.Watch.share, smm.objects.Position.share, gui.controls.ShareDetailsPanel.tc_ISIN, gui.UIShare.UIShare.tc_ISIN, gui.controls.ShareDetailsPanel.tc_Name, gui.UIShare.UIShare.tc_Name, gui.controls.ShareDetailsPanel.tc_Symbol, gui.UIShare.UIShare.tc_Symbol, gui.controls.ShareDetailsPanel.tc_WKN, and gui.UIShare.UIShare.tc_WKN.

Referenced by gui.controls.BaseDialog.OnOK().

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◆ setFixedShareKind()

def gui.dialogs.DlgShare.setFixedShareKind (   self,

Set the specified share kind and disable changing the kind.

selfThe object pointer
kindA share kind

References gui.controls.ShareDetailsPanel.cc_Kind, and gui.UIShare.UIShare.cc_Kind.

Member Data Documentation

◆ share

gui.dialogs.DlgShare.share = None

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