Share and Money Management  0.16
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Function to handle configuration settings. More...


namespace  gui.config
 The configuration module handles configuration entries stored in a file.


def gui.config.init
 Initialize the class and load all values.
def gui.config.set_item
 Set a configuration value.
def gui.config.get_item
 Returns a configuration value.
def gui.config.load
 Load the configuration from a file.
 Store configuration into a file.


dictionary gui.config.config = {}
 Contains the current configuration items.
string gui.config.config_file = ''
 File name of the configuration file.
string gui.config.config_file_win = "./smmgui.ini"
 File name of the configuration file on Windows platforms.
string gui.config.config_file_unix = "./smmguirc"
 File name of the configuration file on Unix platforms.
dictionary gui.config.config_defaults = {}
 Default configuration settings.
 gui.config.has_changed = False
 Indicate changes at the configuration items.
string gui.config.header
 Small header added to every written config file.
string gui.config.list_sep = ' '
 Separator to converts lists into strings and back.

Detailed Description

Function to handle configuration settings.