Share and Money Management 0.18devel
Yahoo Symbols
Part of Yahoo Symbols
Property Short Description SMM Property Property Type
ask a Ask quote.ask Decimal
avg_vol a2 Average Daily Volume
bid b Bid Decimal
cap j1 Market Capitalisation
close p Previous Close
currency c4 Currency currency.code Unicode
date d1 Last Trade date
day_range m Days range
div_date r1 Dividend Pay Day
div d Dividend per Share
div_yield y Dividend Yield
eps e Earnings per Share
ex_div q Ex-Divident Date
last l1 Last Trade price quote.price Decimal
name n Name Unicode
net c1 Change quote.nchange Decimal
open o Open Decimal
p_change p2 Change in percent quote.pchange Decimal
pe r P/E ratio
symbol s Symbol share.symbol Unicode
time t1 Last Trade time
volume v Volume quote.volume Decimal
year_range w Years range
Further Information

A very detailed documentation of the Yahoo symbols is available at

A short Python example is available at

Implementations in Perl

The Perl packages Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base and Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Europe are well coded and very good example how to query the Yahoo share data.

Current versions are: