Share and Money Management  0.16
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Functions and data to setup a fresh database. More...


namespace  smm.db_setup
 Database schema and the initial data set as well as functions to setup a fresh database using the schema and initial data set.


def smm.db_setup.load_initial_data
 Loads the initial dataset into the database.
def smm.db_setup.create_structure
 Creates all needed tables to store the objects inside.


dictionary smm.db_setup.exchange_list
 Symbols and names of the most known exchanges.
list smm.db_setup.currencies_list
 List the most known currencies.
list smm.db_setup.indices_list
 List the most known indices.
list smm.db_setup.shares_list
 List of some wellknown (German) shares.

Detailed Description

Functions and data to setup a fresh database.