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gui.log.StreamHandler Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def flush
def emit

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Static Public Attributes

string terminator = '\n'

Detailed Description

A handler class which writes logging records, appropriately formatted,
to a stream. Note that this class does not close the stream, as
sys.stdout or sys.stderr may be used.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def gui.log.StreamHandler.__init__ (   self,
  stream = None 
Initialize the handler.

If stream is not specified, sys.stderr is used.

Member Function Documentation

def gui.log.StreamHandler.emit (   self,
Emit a record.

If a formatter is specified, it is used to format the record.
The record is then written to the stream with a trailing newline.  If
exception information is present, it is formatted using
traceback.print_exception and appended to the stream.  If the stream
has an 'encoding' attribute, it is used to determine how to do the
output to the stream.

Reimplemented in gui.log.FileHandler.

References gui.log.StringHandler.flush(), gui.log.StreamHandler.flush(),, and gui.log.StreamHandler.terminator.

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def gui.log.StreamHandler.flush (   self)
Flushes the stream.


Referenced by gui.log.FileHandler.close(), and gui.log.StreamHandler.emit().

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Member Data Documentation
string gui.log.StreamHandler.terminator = '\n'

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